Universal Works x Satta


PEACE.LOVE.SOUL is a heart-warming and incredibly cool collab that’s all about globally connecting people around the world who share a love of  brands Satta and Universal Works. The two brands shared values have resulted in them combining forces to utilise UW’s ace workwear vibes alongside Satta’s wood inspired natural colour palette and relaxed fit to create something soulful and special. There PEACE.SOUL.LOVE. collection includes an embroidered uniform shirt as well as one with a plain back option, a pocket tee, an embroidered tee, a cap and pin badge all of which are as mellow as the month of May June.


20160606-DSCF9173- highres

20160606-DSCF9185- highres

20160606-DSCF9194- highres

20160606-DSCF9198- highres


Available from: Universal Works, Satta, Cultizm (Münster), Goodhood (London), ITK KIT (Riga), Kinoko (London), Priory (Bridlington), Wellgosh (Leicester), Wism (Tokyo), Worksout (Seoul).



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