Urban Archaeology: 21 Years of Mo’Wax

MoWax5MoWax_coverGermany winning the world cup, Reebok Classics are cool again, Chris Evans is on TV of an early Friday evening, yep the 1990s vibe is well and truly back with a Burberry’d up bang.

Though one of the best things about that decade for me was a record label that broke up boundaries and messed with our heads or should that be headz? Straight No Chaser columnist James Lavelle’s Mo’Wax label brought us into contact with a wave of insanely talented and trippy turntablists as well as getting us proper hyped up on  modern art, mad graffiti,  loads and loads of really cool Japanese stuff and the aesthetic power of the Planet of the Apes and Star Wars. Which may sound like standard points of references for todays WiFi warriors but back then in a music scene heavily  fuelled by sixties and seventies nostalgia, Mo’Wax looked like it had come down from another planet. A very cool planet I might add where everyone wears Bape and eats Giorgio Moroder samples for breakfast (whilst Ian Brown & Bobba Fett do the dishes).

Any way if you were as mad about this label as I was back then you’ll know why this new book documenting their 21 years of making fucked up sounds is as essential as any of their 12 or 10 inches. Oh and if you’re somewhat in the dark about this legendary label and didn’t buy everything they created then go ahead and buy the book anyway because it’ll make you look really, really cool.





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