VANDEYK ‘Purple Blast’ Collection

And now something for all you fans of bicycles/hot women with paint on their arms out there. Though we’ve already got our hearts set on a Stussy motorbike for Christmas, we promise to only ride it at the weekends if we can also have a Vandeyk bicycle to do our daily commute on. Inspired by a solar flare transferred in dashing purple colours “PURPLE BLAST” is a performance-oriented road bike, featuring Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 electronic shifting technology with fully integrated wiring. The material for the frames is Columbus XCr stainless steel, fully hand crafted in Germany. Further components for the bicycles are by premium manufacturers such as Chris King or ENVE Composites. Featuring paintwork normally reserved for super sports cars and limited to 25 numbered bicycles, this definitely isn’t your everyday treader.

For more information on the collection go to the Vandeyk site HERE and whilst you’re at it, check out this exclusive short film on Nowness. Shot by London-based art and design practice United Visual Artists (UVA) in collaboration with Vandeyk, transforming a bicycle wheel into a hypnotic homage to early op art HERE.


  1. The Model’s first name is Rike not Hike. That’s scandinavic i suppose.

  2. No just naturally dopey.

    Tell me her surname is Adelik?

  3. Jockxford

    Wood for the trees, long week?

    Is it ironic that the model is first name is Hike which rhymes with….?

  4. Oh yeah, it was so obvious I missed it #thicktwat

  5. Jockxford

    see pic. 1.
    re-read Mr Brown’s comment.
    find hilarity in Mr Brown’s comment.

    It’s not funny if you have to explain it etc. etc.

  6. What do you mean the Vandeyk thing? They make the bike??

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