Vans UltraRange at WCH

If you’re only problem with Vans footwear is that they’re too cumbersome for sporting activities that don’t involve wheels then help is on it’s way in the form of their new UltraRange.  First up  is the Catawba shoe that features an upper made from a lightweight knitted fabric that’s both super breathable and ergonomically designed. It’s a futuristic, hybrid-esque trainer with RapidWeld reinforcements to the heel and toe for additional support and protection. Which sits alongside a lightly elasticated ankle with a high-rising front to provide support whilst running. The second part of the UltraRange duo are the Gore shoes that share the Catawba’s shock absorbent UltraCush LITE technology and look like the kind of shoe that a member of the Yakuza would wear down the gym to assassinate some weights/rival businessmen.

Shop the Vans UltraRange at Working Class Heroes here.


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