Vans x Pop Trading Company

Amsterdam-based skate collective, Pop Trading Company, release their debut collaboration with Vans; combining iconic silhouettes with plush, textured materials: corduroy and hairy suede. Some of us are fanatical about subtle details, so this one is more than just your regular Vans collab. Vans’ rich legacy is stooped in skateboarding, an industry/community that Pop Trading Company have been pivotal in growing in Amsterdam. For this collaboration, Pop dug into Vans’ extensive archives and dug out 3 models from crypts – the Agah, Style 36 and Chukkah Pro – and gave it their distinct touch. Peter Kolks, one of Pop’s co-founders, said of the collaboration “No one has ever collaborated on that silhouette, so when we decided to pay homage to that era it made total sense for us to include that style.” A playful, but not over-the-top, implementation of texture – blue corduroy and white, hairy suede – separate this from your regular Vans collaboration. Subtle details include Pop branding engraved upon the midsole and embossing on the heel, nothing too outlandish!

The collaboration is available now from their online store. If you strike out and miss the release, fear not, it’ll be available from Vans/Pop retailers on Saturday, 8th December.

Words by @aligeorgehinkins


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