Velour by Nostalgi flagship store re-design


As big fans of all things Scandinavian and a well turned out shop we thought we’d let you know that our good mates at Velour have just done a bit of ‘spring cleaning’ over at their flagship store in Gothenburg. The property at Magasinsgatan 19, where the store is located, is an old artillery stable from the 19th century. It has a fascinating ceiling structure and an extraordinary exterior. The characteristics and history of the building were very important for creative director Per Andersson when he chose the location for the store in 2007. ”I was inspired by the interesting history and the complexion of the building. The idea was to create a sense of a classic men`s outfitter with personality”.


The new interior consists of white walls,red wall-to-wall fitted carpet and a desk build of teak and marble located in the centre of the store. Other interior details is sphere shaped lamps as well as clothes hangers and lamp fittings in brass. “We were inspired by the personal expression of art deco as an artistic idiom and chose the direction of the empire state deco, which focusesmore on luxury and glamour rather than a decorative expression. Since Velour by Nostalgi is a Swedish brand, we also wanted to incorporate Scandinavian  elements to the new interior and handpicked a Carl Hansen CH 25 chair (Hans J. Wegner, designer 1950).”
For the SS13 collection, Velour by Nostalgi portrayed the well renowned singer songwriter José González where he chose his favourite pieces from the collection. This was documented in four video clips with additional pictures. During this spring, our portrait of José is displayed in our store at Magasinsgatan 19. The Swedish singer-song writer also embellished the re-opening party with his personal record collection, playing his favourite music. The new interior of our Flagship store in Gothenburg is designed by Framework Architects, Amsterdam, who also made the design for our store in Amsterdam. Our Gothenburg store was put up by A & Co Architects from Gothenburg.

Tredje Långgatan 13C
41303 Göteborg



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