Victorinox (Swiss Army) at Peggs & son


There are certain things every bloke should have – a chambray shirt, at least eight jackets, a pair of goolies, a penchant for brown shoes, the list goes on. And a damned good pocket knife is on it too. NQAT.

How smart is this see-through red one here? I like see-through stuff, me (he says, looking sideways into the camera without moving his head). Nah seriously – remember that see-through GAME BOY? See-through sinks are alright as well, aren’t they. Those see-through Converse were angin though. Anyhow, back to blades…

The Victorinox Swiss Army knife is one of the most recognisable pieces of ‘everyday carry‘ about. Say you’re out in the middle of nowhere, Ray Mearsing it up, and you need to cut, I dunno, a twig or summat – a Victorinox knife’ll sort you out. Or perhaps you’re exiting a reputable menswear proprietor, giggling like a little schoolgirl, gasping to cut the tags off the really expensive T-shirt you’ve just bought so you can change into it straight away – again, you’ll be laughing.

If see-through stuff does nowt for you, it’s alright – Peggs & son have got a few other Victorinoxes in. There’s a massively complex one in the classic red colour that’d make Edward Scissorhands cack himself, there’s a more modest silver one with just a few tools on it, and there’s even a camouflage one for all you question marks out there. In other words, all bases are covered.

And yeah – of course they’ve all got bottle openers.






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