Victorinox (Swiss Army) at Peggs & son


There are certain items everyone should have, and a damned-good pocket knife is one of them. NQAT.

How smart is this see-through red one? Remember that see-through GAME BOY? See-through sinks are quite cool as well. Those see-through Converse were horrible, though (remember those?).

The Victorinox Swiss Army knife is a classic piece of ‘everyday carry‘ (AKA ‘EDC’). Maybe the piece of EDC.

If see-through stuff does nothing for you, it’s alright – Peggs & son have got a few other Victorinoxes in, opaque ones. There’s a massively complex one in the classic red colour that would make Edward Scissorhands embarrassed; there’s a more modest silver one with just a few tools on it; and there’s even a camouflage one (careful where you put that one down…). In other words, all bases are covered.

And yeah: of course they’ve all got bottle openers.





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