Visvim Ballistic 20L Pack

As backpacks go this Visvim beauty is up there at the top tier of the price list as well as any other list that you care to mention. Quality, desirability, functionality, colour treatment, construction, it genuinely doesn’t get any better than this. Which is why it cost 3 or 4 times more than most decent backpacks which may initially make you wince a little but if you use it on a daily basis for the next five years then it certainly beats the arse out of a lost weekend in Magalluf for VFM doesn’t it? But then again if you’re into Visvim you’re probably not into stag dos in package hellholes. No you’re much more likely to be seeing laying down your (Visvim Excelsior) hat somewhere much more exclusive and iconic like Pikes Hotel aren’t you?

Buy a Visvim Ballistic pack from Pikes & Son… sorry I mean Peggs & Son here.


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