Visvim Roland Jogger


What these? Oh they’re just my new Visvim Rolands. What’s that? Expensive? Yeah they were pretty pricey but in my opinion they’re miles better than 10 really nice trainers put together plus I’m unlikely to ever bump into anyone else wearing a pair.

Although the above conversation has only taken place in my mind so far that’s how I’m looking at these ultra-luxe runners from your man Hiroki Nakamura. Although the real clincher for me is that native American head-dress on them that (along with the colour scheme) really reminds me of the French brand Chipie when it was at it’s height circa 1990. Though needless to say these shoes have probably been made with more love and attention to detail than a Rolls Royce too.

Buy a pair of Visvim Roland Joggers from Peggs & Son here.


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