Wander Wonder

I don’t usually give recommendations of places for you to visit on the WWW because if you’re not using it to do work then you should be obviously be spending all your time looking here but in some cases I can’t help but make exceptions.

Wander Wonder (www.wanderwonder.co.uk) is a blog about getting out and about in the wilds of Wales, sharing experiences, suggesting places to visit and tips on what you’ll need, all presented in a personal, welcoming and warm way. The blog focuses on all you need to know about getting yourself out and about in the beautiful North Welsh countryside; from walks, mountains, lakes and (importantly) the kit you’ll need to do it properly, comfortably and stylishly.

Wander Wonder is the baby of a lovely big Welshman called Huw. Here at Proper, we’ve been interpals with our mate Huw for ages…we’ve even met him IRL a couple of times and he’s dead, dead sound. You may already be one of the 5000+ people who follow his feed of beautiful images on Instagram (wander_wonder_blog).

What makes the blog so damn lovely is the way Huw presents it all. He writes with honesty and warmth and there is a real simplistic truth to what he says and how he says it. You might not walk the walks he walks but you’ll feel better about your day after reading the personal, often touching, tales of his trips. You’ll also get to gaze at the amazing photographs of the stunning environs in which he walks, of his very cute kids and…lets have it right…some fabulous technical outerwear.

Go and have a look yourselves (when you’ve read EVERYTHING on here) at www.wanderwonder.co.uk and on Instagram at wander_wonder_blog.


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