WAWWA Set Organic White Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Did you know that a non organic t-shirt requires 2000 litres of water to make it? Which works out being more than the average person drinks in a year. Whereas an organic t-shirt uses 91% less water. Meaning that water can be retained for more important uses, like being drunk for example.

WAWWA are a brand who feel strongly about making products using low impact, recycled and organic materials and fairtrade suppliers without compromising on the style and quality of their products.

New for SS19 is this ace organic long sleeved t-shirt that features a striking graphic design represents the title of the new collection ‘Before The Water Gets Too High’. Focusing on the intersect between man and nature the collection sets out to create minimal impact as well as bringing attention to the current climate related issues we all face.

Buy a planet pleasing WAWWA Organic Long Sleeve t-shirt here.


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