Weekend Wears ft. Merrell, Gramicci, Simms and more

This time on Weekend Wears we’ve gone all in on performance, bringing together a range of pieces that ensures form follows function.

Merrell Hydro Moc AT

When Merrell released their original Hydro Mocs, everyone went mad. They sat in the perfect space between Crocs, which we’ve grown to love, and Yeezy Foam Runners, which no one should ever wear, but we appreciated in a forward-thinking way. Merrell has one up’d their Hydro Mocs with increased performance, essentially enabling them for all terrains and situations. 

Gramicci Trailside Wading Cargo Pants

Gramicci’s G-pant is famous the world over for flexibility and durability, but their pant output doesn’t stop there: these nylon cargos are far more applicable outside, with Pertex water resistance and a looser fit. 

90s Simms Wading Jacket

In Issue 40, we ran a piece about the assimilation of fishing tech into fashion, but the long and short of it is this: around the early 2000s, designers from Simms – a strictly fishing brand – and from ACG – no explanation needed – came together under Patagonia to streamline the Patagonia SST jacket. The influence of Simms jackets like these is now felt in the silhouettes of brands all over, from Story MFG to Aimé Leon Dore. 

Rip-Stop BEAMS Plus Jungle Hat

While this Beams Plus Jungle hat was initially designed for humid conditions, technical bucket-style hats like these shine during the winter months, where rigid rip-stop offers a nice degree of water resistance. 

Aries Column Scarf

Football scarves are a great way to throw in colour and texture to an outfit while staying warm, and the sheer amount of ways you can wear a scarf knows no bounds. This Aries football-inspired piece is nice, but you can always bang an England one on your head. 

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