Wellgosh Captures Carhartt Cosy

At the centre of Wellgosh’s weekly curated outfit is a Carhartt WIP fleece that, in typical Carhartt fashion, has numerous technical details like mesh lining and nylon overlays. But a fleece is more than its details – it ought to be supremely comfy, too. There’s no debate here, it’s like a bear. Keeping it Carhartt, WIP sweats continue the cosy theme and keep to the muted tones. 

Underneath is a Deus Ex Machina x Gramicci t-shirt, from the two brand’s second collaboration, and the outfit is accessorised with a Parra 6-Panel and New Balance’s faithful Made In England 911’s, both of which harmonise with the autumnal cosiness. 

All of these bits are available at Wellgosh, who are experts at curating and styling.

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