Wellgosh Expands Braindead Collection

Wellgosh has styled their extensive Braindead collection, highlighting new pieces from the AW21 range.

From my perspective, the star of the show is the adjustable Skate Pants in brown, which seem to conjure everything that was good about early ACG, from the baggy fit through to the contrasting blue panelling on the pockets, which sneakily flash colour with movement. The adjustable cord allows you to tailor fit, but they’re best left baggy over a strong silhouette, like New Balance 992.

Another solid piece is the sherpa fleece, which utilises cut ‘n’ sew style paneling, lending a certain off-centred heaviness to the nylon and polyester mix up. 

A heatwave hoodie and a throwing hands hoodie bring signature Braindead style to the release, with two corduroy 5-panel hats in gold and green serving as staples. 

Finally, an aptly named Sinister half zip fleece finishes the collection. Braindead is spelt out in ghostly text that wisps like smoke across the body. An eerie purple contrasts with an earthly brown, giving the piece a bold but muted element of colourblocking. Spooky season manifest. 

All the pieces are available at Wellgosh. 

Braindead at Wellgosh.

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