Wellgosh Gets Technical for October

Wellgosh’s latest Wellgosh Wears series is a moody and monotone expression that celebrates the variety of grey scale. 

The ensemble is harmonised by two key items: the black Arc’teryx Therme Parka and the silver Porter Tanker 2Way Helmet bag

The star of the outfit – the Arc coat – has unusually subtle branding for Arc’teryx, with a simple fossil logo on the shoulder. Technically it lives up to all Arc’teryx expectations: it is fully 2L Gore-Tex’d, with Down Contour Construction and Down Composite Mapping, the latter two features going towards bolstering the jacket’s heavy-duty winter action by actualising the goose down filling. Moisture prone areas, such as armpits, cuffs and hoods are fitted with CoreLoft insulator to prevent overheating. Aesthetically, the jacket is simple and honest, with a long silhouette that makes it easy to pair with other winter items. 

The bag, an extension of Porter by Yoshida & Co’s Tanker collection, extends the collection’s theme by channeling the iconic look of the U.S. Air Force MA-1 flight into an accessory. The bag has a useful set of dual compartments, with velcro, stud, and zip closures. A shoulder strap allows the bag to be worn more fluidly, while standard handles allow it to be carried. 

The rest of the outfit is brought together with black, tapered Carhartt trousers, a grey, heavyweight Deus ex Machina sweater, and comfortable boot-trainers from newly stocked Japanese brand, Flower Mountain, whose combination of hiking laces, moccasin-style stitching, and cork insole immediately piques interest. 

See the range of bits over at Wellgosh.

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