Wellgosh Shines Light on a Few Slept on Nike Models

The title is a bit of a lie – no one has slept on AF1s, Prestos or Overbreaks. Well, the Nike Overbreak is a little bit divisive, but ultimately, the vigour with which people debated it implies there was no sleeping involved. The chunky, white sole unit is ‘aggressive, as Wellgosh puts it, which is true, but I think assertive might be better. There’s a degree of elegance in the shiny silver Nike tick, too. 

I recently tried a pair of Prestos on, and while aesthetically they aren’t really for me, I couldn’t resist the fact that they gave my foot a bloody good hug – the sort of heartwarming hug that only a Mum could give. Except, well, for your feet. 

The AF1 07 Low is a classic, but if they aren’t black, it’s this wheaty gum for me. Soft nubuck upper and the introduction of spherical laces – as opposed to flat – really finish the shoe. All laces should be spherical, IMO. 

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Nike at Wellgosh.

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