Wellgosh Wears a Hoodie-Stealing Fit

Traditionally, Proper Mag is a Menswear magazine. But it is 2021, afterall, and most clothes are unisex, which means that when Wellgosh sent us this fit they’ve styled, we couldn’t say no to running it. In addition, it’s gift season, which means if you wanna buy your Significant Other something, here’s some direction – or, you buy it for yourself, and they steal it. For us, it’s usually the latter. 

This week, Wellgosh’s Wears harmonises some solid American brands with hiking, skateboarding and hip hop influences. 

The pièce de résistance of the outfit is the Billionaire Boys Club varsity, which makes the most of BBC’s American heritage by taking a classic baseball jacket and updating the textures with wool, which shines through the cream and black panelling. Attentive embroidery seals the varsity making it a significant statement piece. 

Underneath, there’s a hoodie from Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen’s skate-sensation, Fucking Awesome, in a soft sage, which builds on the tones created by the above layers subtle cream. The hoodie features logo designs on the arms, and is finished with brushed cotton fleece. 

The outfit is rounded off with Gramicci’s classic NN-Pants, with a slightly more tapered cut and higher rise on the ankles, allowing the throwback shoe, the Nike Blazer, to shine. The Blazer Mid 77 features an oversize swoosh that extends onto the shoes bold and chunky elasticated sole. 

All these bits are available at Wellgosh, which makes Christmas shopping, or self indulgence, accessible in one easy place. 

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