Wellgosh Wears Aries for Autumn

Wellgosh’s latest Wears channels the colours of autumn with a sensational Aries Patchwork Reversible Zip Through Fleece. The shell side is minimalist and black, while the fleece side brings together itak and tiger-influenced patterns into a slew of autumnal yellow, orange, and red. There’s even matching fleece sweatpants

Underneath the fleece there’s a classic Aries No Promblemo t-shirt, and below that some nylon climbing pants from Billionaire Boys Club. The pants have water-resistant seams around the ankles, with zip pockets and a built-in elasticated fasten.  

The look is brought together with a cozy sherpa style beanie from Heresy and finished with a pair of Vans Anaheim Factory Needlepoint Authentic Checkerboard. The shoe, despite initially looking deceptively like a classic pair of Vans checkerboards, turns the original pattern on its head with embroidery, textured fabrics, and a weaved upper canvas. 

All of these bits are available at Wellgosh.

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