What We Learned This Week – 19/08/16

1. This Family Guy clip has been repeated verbatim at least twice a day in the Proper office.


2. We’ve been looking at a certain cinematic psychopath’s quilt as inspiration for our next mug.


3. The film ID2 is like a feature length version of The Bill.

4. Mark reckons some chip shops will offer you a choice of two different kinds of curry sauce with your chips. *rolls eyes*

5. Blossoms continue to make us dead proud to come from Stockport.


6. Issue 20 of Proper is gonna be well mountainy.


7. Copenhagen is still 100% rad.


8. We still can’t decide if Dominic Sandbrook‘s parka is any good.

9. Scotland Yardie is the BEST.TITLE.OF.A.GRAPHIC.NOVEL.EVER.


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