What your Missus really wants for Christmas…

Now Gentlemen, I’m not implying you don’t know her well enough to know what to get her for Christmas but I’m figuring there maybe a few of you out there wondering how you can make her Christmas more Disney and less Nil by Mouth. Here’s a few of my seasonal suggestions.


The classic black lace bra. No woman should be without or can ever have enough of. Any French brand, Simone Pērēle, La Perla, you can’t go wrong. The brands that cater for the ample busom (E Cup & above) are few and far between however if you’re looking for a quality British Brand and planning a trip down to the big smoke in the near future then by all means take her down the West End but not to treat her to *does best Ray Winstone impression* “something nice and tight”. Head over to Knightsbridge and have a fitting for a bespoke bra at Rigby and Peller, spoil her rotten. If it’s good enough for Her Majesty it’s good enough for your Mrs. A garment will take approximately 6-8 weeks to create and usually two appointments are necessary for this service. They have a great guide on their website for Men on how to choose for your lady.

To finish the set off you can’t go wrong with Wolford stockings, plain and classic black though, no leopard print please.

Candles and Scatter Cushions,

Now don’t roll your eyes, we know you hate them, but we love them. I don’t know why it’s just an inherent part of being female.

Many think the ultimate candles are by Jo Malone but I find them so over powering and that whole brand a little too Aga/Laura Ashley/Mumsie for me, nothing wrong with that but no thanks. I don’t want to gag like I’ve walked into a room with a Glade plug in on full blast *dry wretches* or walked past Thrush err, I mean Lush.

Cire Trudon were once wax suppliers to the French Aristocracy as well as Napoleon and more recently Hermes and Dior. Complete luxury but also environmentally friendly. Their website is beautiful too. UK Stockists include Liberty’s, Browns and Harrods, all available online.

I love all the cushions by Fine Cell Work which are also featured in Issue 10 of Proper. These are timeless pieces and not your typical charity products.


You have to be careful here as it’s such a personal thing but my advice is forget those minging bracelets with charms on and Elizabeth Duke is definitely a No No and I don’t give a shit that Prestons of Bolton have some northern lass speaking French in their ad, Non! Non! Non! How about something unusual from Grays Antique Market? Personally I love anything Art Deco or big and chunky but be careful because that’s not everyone’s taste. Remember Chanel’s advice that less is more. No that doesn’t mean don’t buy any, just keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be jewellery either there are some beautiful cigarette cases and compacts (that flippy thing she keeps her make up in).

Art Deco aquamarine ring set with diamonds

Invisibly set Sapphire and Diamond ring (both from Alan Jacobs)

At present, you should be able to purchase any of the items by emailing or calling the dealer directly.

Their Christmas gift guide has some great other ideas too.


We’re not talking a Rembrandt, although I would kill anyone/anything for a piece by Francis Bacon. The ICA do some lovely limited edition prints some of which are signed and all the proceeds go to help fund them. If you join and support them you’ll get a discount too. The V&A is also great for little unusual gifts, including prints.

Matthew Brannon ‘Misused Pronoun’ silkscreen print, limited to 150.


Only one brand for me and that’s Moleskine. The black weekly notebook pocket size is perfect for any handbag. This is the one she’ll use everyday not the Golden Retriever/Forever Friends one her Nanna bought her.


Well I’ve gone for quite practical heels and everyday wear-to-death boots. I don’t do parties and mega heels anymore due to snow/an 8 month old baby, much to my other half’s dismay. There are some heeled shoes here which are on my want list due to their beautiful design and wearability as well as those everyday boots.

Very 70’s with the cherries I thought. How fun?! These Dragon Cherry Slingback’s in Beige are reduced down to £75 from £100 available from the Vivienne’s flagship store and online at I don’t need to give you background on Viv, she’s a legend.

These beauties made with a real copper heel are on sale at Laste, a fab shop in Brighton which has just opened in Bond Street too, they’re also available online items arrive beautifully packaged and owner Alex also provides a bespoke shoe service. These particular shoes are designed by Brighton based designer Thomas Murphy who has designed and produced shoes for Boudicca, Robert Cary-Williams, Ann Sofie-Back and NOKI. Taking inspiration from craftsmen who work with natural materials, Thomas has applied their techniques in order to produce innovative designs handmade in England featuring wood, metal and leather. The shoes are designed to age like a fine wine and hand-made to last, revealing their unique character and vintage as the natural materials used to construct them are weathered by the changing seasons.

These heeled boots from Folk are suitable for winter too and I think will see her through to summer, they look great with chinos rolled up and pretty much anything else. The heel height is 6.5cm which is apparently the highest a heel can be before it becomes hard to walk in. The rubber pad on the front of the shoe grips the floor as the wearer walks.

I’d wear either of these everyday as a comfy and stylish winter alternative to those appalling Uggs. If I see another scally dragging their dirty fallen insteps in those Uggs or the equally revolting snide rip-offs I may have to go on another killing spree.\

Make up

It’s a difficult one this because of skin types, sensitivity, etc. However if the lady in your life does wear make up she’ll no doubt use brushes to apply it. MAC brushes are fab, they wash really well and she’ll be so impressed if you put a few of these in her stocking. If you’re unsure, have a look in her make up bag, if she wears foundation, powder or concealer, the 187 Duo Fibre Brush is great. If she wears eye-liner then I’d recommend the Apply, Line and Define brush collection which comes in a lovely tartan brush bag, the bags look great and can be bought separately too.

Pyjamas and Comfies

You hate them we love them. Baby dolls or suspenders just don’t keep you warm when it’s -20 (Daily Mail FEAR forecast for this winter….) outside. Personally, I like these Vintage Rose pjs from Hush. They have a great selection online and most items can be bought as separates.

While we’re on the comfy and cosies. I love these socks also available from Laste (see shoes for details) made by Lowie.  Lowie is an ethically-minded company and as a result they aim to pay their handmakers and small manufacturers a decent price. They have small production runs so each piece is a limited edition.

Weekend away

Always the ultimate romantic gesture! We love being surprised and whisked away. It doesn’t have to be a weekend in Venice, or Rome, nice as that is. A UK break at any of these places will guarantee you get to see that new underwear set and those candles lit as opposed to us modelling our new pj’s in the living room with Corrie on.  Nice walks, pub lunches by the fire, just lovely.

Hope this helps? If you are stuck or undecided about buying her anything from the list email me and I’ll endeavour to help you out.

Have a proper top Christmas!!

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