Where the Wild Bunch are – YMC collaboration

Part of an ongoing collaborative relationship with YMC, the second installment of premium footwear from Wild Bunch dropped last week. We could talk about them loads but I mean, what’s the point? Just look at them.

The latest installment is the classically beautiful Soller shoe. Oozing all the style and characteristics you’d expect these two heavyweights to produce. Featuring an artisanal construction with an apron stitch and adorned with that embroidered design on the toe that draws in the eyes. Each shoe is hand-crafted in Southern Spain from the finest materials. 

Featuring a moccasin construction and EVA sole made from ethylene-vinyl acetate to help to disperse weight and provide stability, which basically means that they’re really, really, comfortable. Comfort doesn’t always come with such good looks.

Get them while you can here or here. They won’t hang about.

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