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Just who owns a Christmas jumper? I’ve never bought, been given, or had one knitted for me by some form of relative/woman that your mum was friends with. I don’t feel left out and nor should you, you’re not really missing out. I’ve decided, Christmas jumpers should only be worn by male divorcees in BBC sitcoms, Lenny Henry and people in the ‘Home Counties’ (wherever that is). If you’ve got a Christmas jumper sitting there in your cupboard waiting for its annual airing vaguely smelling of a mixture of Brut andAstithen good for you, ‘Auntie’ Marjorie thinks you’re ever such a good lad. For me they’re a false economy; why accommodate an occasional jumper in your cupboard taking up vital space. A jumper that you only wear at Christmas? That is just plain daft and if you buy into such logic you’ve probably got a 1970’s ‘occasional table’ in the corner of your lounge.


You might think that it’s perfectly acceptable to own said jumper sitting there with a giant Father Christmas on your chest at your works Christmas do feeling very much the festive peacock. It may even serve you well in your advances with Emma from HR but like Christmas you don’t want to experience this jumper based female interest only once a year. A wiser, more considered chap would invest in a jumper that could be worn other than just at Christmas.


You’ll inevitably need a jumper that would pass off as a Christmas jumper at your office Christmas party or for when you’ve got family round and you’re doing your ‘dead nice sort of a bloke’ routine. A ‘Fairisle’ patterned jumper will do the trick and will look equally at home come February time, no-one will dare to give you the; “Scuse me mate why you wearing that it’s not Christmuss.”

William Fox and Sons have got have got some smashing Fairisle jumpers for you, think of it as a nice little early Christmas present to yourself. They have been in the knitwear game for a nearly a hundred years now, making wares for adventurous gentlemen. This season’s offerings take inspiration from their own archive of meticulously preserved materials. The jumpers are a contemporary take on some old favourites. I’ve picked out a few that have caught my eye. All the jumpers are 100 percent Lambswool and are made up in Scotland.

By Greg Atkins



  1. admin

    Ace aren’t they? No idea what you mean by ‘captures up this trend’ but I’m pretty sure this post has created a tidal wave of interest and that Mr Fox and co should sort us all out with jumpers. Merry Christmas!

  2. The two tone jumper is flying off the shelves this Christmas. May I suggest your next blog captures up this trend. Kind regards. Bwian.

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