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Read a ‘style’ article over the weekend in one of the supplements. It wanted to draw attention to a new ‘tribe’ of male dresser: the Lumbersexual.

I shit you not. Really.

Best of all the London centric press writing this dirge wanted you to believe that this ‘Look’ was first cultivated on the hip and edgy sidestreets of East London.

Again, I’m not kidding you here.

No acknowledging nod to the appropriation of rambling / woodsmen’s gear that lads from all over the country have been wearing since the 80’s. Nope; just because some 2 bit rock star or film fanny-magnate has donned a plaid shirt and a pair of Vibram soled leather boots and hasn’t shaved for a bit…it’s suddenly become a new ‘Thing’.

Well as much as it boiled my piss reading that lazy nonsense, who are we here at the ProperMag Log Cabin to argue with the capital’s clobber know-it-alls. In the run up to the visit of that other hirsute and well geared up man of the outdoors, it’s a good time to think of some ‘little’ extras that you might ask him to bring you.

Pavilion Clothing have pages of accessories ripe for winter, that will wile away those woodland walks while you get ‘sexy with some lumber’.




From hats to rucksacks, gloves, and socks and scarves. Go have a look at their site or get a bit inspired by these rather ace shots of some of the brands and products they’re stocking: Carhartt, Patagonia and Norse Projects (pictured) as well as Filson, Canada Goose, Red Wing and Sandqvist.

Go geddem men.

Pavilion Clothing


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  1. Leaving aside the accessories, which to be honest they seem generic and made with the usual fabrication. Believe me, when I tell you this kind of merchandise is horse-shit. There is better manufactured accessories in the U.K. at price’s similar to those on offer.

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