Wood Wood at Liquor Store

Army and Navy. Varsity. Tapered seams. Heroin. It’s the Wood Wood autumn winter selection at Liquor Store. With a theme actually centred around heroes, from this opening description you’d be forgiven for thinking it was based on the life and works of Hunter S. Thompson. Which is a nice idea if not strictly true.

Regardless, it seems that autumn has arrived almost overnight. It was practically still dark when I was rolling out of bed this morning and loads of the trees had half turned all orange and stuff on the drive to work. Before you know it, it will be time for bags of cinder toffee and buying under the counter knock off fireworks from Saj’s corner shop. Six Cosmic Star Strobes for two quid, a litre of cider and good old game of ‘Will we get a firework display or will I lose my hand?’ Exciting times are almost upon us.

Cold though. Luckily Liquor Store have got us sorted with these wool-nylon mix sweats in their store now. There are two Das Boot-esque ribbed efforts in Black and Rust called ‘Denton’. Although it might sound like a junction on the M60, I’m guessing it’s actually named after the American war hero but whatever, I just dig the sweatshirt. *BLINKS*

Even better – IMHO – is this Army and Navy combo. The hero link is obvious here but the nice and typically Wood Wood twist of inverting, mirroring and fraternitysing the lettering is what makes them so fucking ace.

Thirdly is the Pas Normal (Not Normal) sweatshirt; feel free to let people show off their GCSE French knowledge by cleverly explaining that one to you at house parties. The big nerds. And also not normal is the 100% cotton James sweatshirt, complete with inexplicably tapered seams. Whatever the thinking is there I dunno but it looks class.

All of these are complimented nicely by some clever t-shirts. One proudly promoting the most moreish of Class As, one with a clever mash up of Eddy Merckx and Sir Edmund Hilary’s faces and there is also a tee which is so hikerdelic it makes me want to climb up a hill and instagram a selfie. The standout though is the Navy in t-shirt form. Just look at it.

Browse the full collection at Liquor Store now.

Ribbed Ribbed rustArmy khakiBob navyPas NormalWW JamesHeroinEddy and EdmundMountainNavy tee

Wood Wood at Liquor Store

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