Wood Wood Hide Secret Messages in Latin

Ahead of the brand’s 20th anniversary, Wood Wood make a hidden and humble declaration…

Wood Wood recently debuted their AW22 collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week, where the Danish brand submitted a meditation around creative vibrance. While the brand’s editorial is distinctly high fashion, the humble origins of skateboarding and graffiti culture are never too far away. 

Skateboarding culture often revolves around simple graphic t-shirts. It’s the base layer that can say a lot, especially when being thrashed around. Therefore, Wood Wood keep simple graphics close to their heart, like this textbook heavy cotton tee with the simple Latin declaration: vita brevis ars longa, or, “life is short and (learning) skill is long”, acknowledging the conundrum that anything worth learning will take a long time. Considering Wood Wood are about to celebrate their 20th anniversary, it’s safe to assume that the art of clothes, design and textiles is one worth pursuing.

Wood Wood are never shy of referencing themselves, and ever since Norweigan singer Sigrid wore a yellow Wood Wood t-shirt in her video for Strangers, they’ve released a yellow variation of their t-shirts ever since.  

Explore more of Wood Wood’s wares at John Anthony. 

Wood Wood at John Anthony.

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