Wood Wood Moz/Sin T-Shirt

It’s all well and good having a t-shirt that features an upbeat message or something or someone of a sunny disposition but sometimes the coolest stuff is also the saddest. Take this new Wood Wood tee from the notoriously depressive land of Scandinavia that not only features the lead singer of the choir invisible Morrissey but also the incomparable Sinead O’Connor taken from her prime tear-sodden, nihilistic pop era.  Making this perhaps the saddest and therefore the coolest t-shirt out there in the shops today. It’s just a crying shame that these two never did a tune together, I think Sinead needs to pop round to Mozzer’s gaff and knock some Irish common sense back into him before they record an album entitled ‘Nothing Compares 2 Hate’.

Buy a very cool Wood Wood t-shirt from Grants 1856 here.


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