Woolrich Outdoor Label AW20 ‘Hide & Seek’

Inspired by the fluctuating climates and myriad of challenges that the mighty Appalachian trail presents the hiker with, the Woolrich Outdoor Label AW20 collection is prepared for any situation. It also pays respect to mother nature by way of being a fully sustainable collection thanks to its use of a variety of eco-friendly methods. Reducing waste, increasing durability and using classic designs all complement the newly developed recycled material for Woolrich heritage checkered shirts. Alongside its biodegradable material for fleece items and Goldwin’s ‘Green is Good’ recycled down products. So if you love the outdoors then it makes sense to wear something that shares your passion, doesn’t it? Even if that does mean having to wait at least half a year before you can get your mitt(en)s on any of it.


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