Working From Home with Hip

As we all know, the clothes you choose to wear during your 9 to 5 give a long and lasting impression to those around you. The fact that these days those people tend to be cheery delivery drivers, children permanently attached to electronic devices and needy household pets rather than potential clients makes no difference.

Actually, it does, working from home means we can all let loose a little and enjoy some luxurious leisurewear whilst we scour the house looking for that old printer where you finally unearth a decent phone connection whilst you’re up in the loft. So with that in mind here’s a round-up of pieces we’ve spotted at Hip that have ‘Working From Home’ written all over them in metaphorical ink.

Carhartt WIP Chase Hoodie

Ideal for popping on after an argumentative Zoom session the colour purple is supposed to have a calming effect on the human psyche. Though not to be confused with the Steven Spielberg film of the same name. If anything, watching that will get you pretty riled up about the horrendous attitudes in rural American during the early Twentieth century.

Carhartt WIP Chase Neck Zip Sweatshirt

If you find your neck and hands are getting a bit cold from you constantly peeking out of the front door to see where that Amazon delivery you made several hours ago has got to then cop for this beauty from Carhartt. It’s tall collar and kangaroo pocket will give you ample time to survey the streets whilst contemplating other first world problems like ‘where the hell has she put the electric milk frother now?’.

Polo Ralph Lauren Preppy Bear Sweatshirt

If you’re home schooling the little ones whilst also trying to earn a crust then wearing this Preppy Bear sweatshirt from Ralph could be a good way to endear yourself to any unruly pupils. Just don’t blame us if one of the older ones starts demanding to know how the hell a wild animal without opposable thumbs can put a knot in a tie.

Adsum Core Logo Hoodie

Whether you’ve upped your exercise game or your interval training either involves you flipping pancakes every morning or briskly walking to the fridge and back every five minutes this heavyweight hoodie is perfect post-workout wear. Made in Canada by the good folk at Adsum you’ll be glad to know that it’s also highly resistant to maple syrup and bacon stains

Patagonia Lightweight Synch Snap-T Pullover

Unlike you, this Snap-T Pullover from Patagonia is a little lighter than the original version which makes it the ideal attire for that regular weekly outing we all look forward to. Whilst putting the bins out doesn’t necessitate the wearing of a big coat obviously you’d be crazy to try and nip out in just a sweatshirt. Pop on a Patagonia Pullover and hey presto you’re wearing the ultimate recycling rig out!

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