‘Wrinkles’ by Paco Roca


Ever wanted to experience life inside a nursing home but were too young and/or intolerant of the combined smell of minestrone soup and urine to check it out?

Yeah, me too. Fortunately for us there is Wrinkles, a Spanish graphic novel (and also apparently a film) to expose us to this slice of silvery-haired life as we get to follow new arrival Ernest as he settles down to a new life inside the big house with his new mate Emile. The various lives and stories that emerge from within this nursing home are all based on genuine research by the author and so unsurprisingly many of the characters suffer from various forms of dementia. However with this geriatric journey being told in graphical tale form rather than featuring specific people it’s nowhere near as dark as it may sound and Paco illustrates their often fantastical states of minds beautifully. I won’t go any further regarding to he storyline but if like me you’re a fan of people like Guy Delisle, Joe Sacco & Emmanuel Gilbert then you won’t be disappointed and will hopefully finish reading this with a warm sense of elderly enlightenment. Oh and speaking of brilliant graphic novels, if you  haven’t got Hip Hop Family Tree Vol.2 then it’s just as good or should that be dope? as the first volume.

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