Y-3 Graphic T-Shirt Transports You

Avant-garde cultural legend, Yohji Yamamato, began collaborating with adidas for their Y-3 label in 2003, long before fashion and sportswear were easily assimilated. 

Yamamoto recalls a conversation with Nike where the sportswear brand politely declined collaboration in 2001, citing that Nike would only do sportswear – not fashion. How short-sighted!

Way ahead of its time, Y-3 has consistently tested the waters, dipping its toes in where others hadn’t (or wouldn’t) dare. 

This graphic t-shirt from Y-3 is simple in design, but with address detailing showcasing both adidas’ German address and Yamamoto’s Japanese location, in combination with a poignant black and white mountainscape, it is a commentary on otherworldliness.

Shop the piece at John Anthony. 

Y-3 at John Anthony.

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