Y-3 Recycled Running Hat

During winter I tend to run in a beanie – keeps the warmth in and gets your blood pumping. In summer, though, it’s far too hot to run in a beanie so I swap it out for a nylon running hat. I bought a relatively cheap one (won’t be naming names) and sent it. 

Next thing you know I’m hatless. As I ran – and I’m not exactly the flash – the lightweight hat got lifted on the wind and abandoned me. I found it in a bush. Anyway, the mistake I made was buying a cheap hat without a decent fastening device on the back. 

This Y-3 bad boy is complete with a solid adjustable cord so it can be strapped on your noggin as you send it. Contrasting colours and embroidery finish it. 

Grab the piece at John Anthony. 

Shop more Y-3 at John Anthony.

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