Yang Liu. Today meets Yesterday (Taschen)


In today’s world where short attention spans rule, the format used in Yang Lius’ third thought-provoking little book for Taschen is clearly the future. Yang’s graphic skills are used to cleverly bring the past and the present face-to-face as each page opens up to reveal an infographic representing the way we were on one side and they way we are on the other. It sounds dead simple and at first glance it is, but once opened it will have you marvelling at it in silent admiration for ages as well as returning to it again and again for yet another gander at the one about geo-political direction or how we do our shopping. An essential book for those of you who like to be entertained whilst being informed and whose style and execution (rather appropriately) couldn’t be any more representative of today’s at-a-glance orientated society.

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