YETI Alpine Range Brings Colour to the Camp Out

…or to the cliffside, the fishing trip, and your weekend run around Edale. 

YETI claim to have mastered ice retention. According to Gear Junkie, in some parts, the word ‘YETI’ has become synonymous with ‘cooler’, which makes YETI as linguistically permeating as brands like ‘Google’ or ‘Hoover’. 

Over on Reddit, people were desperate for dates surrounding the release of YETI’s Alpine Range, with American Dads (we assume) confirming and helping each other out: “Correct, dropping 4/22 at my hardware store,” reports ConsistentStation141. 

In the UK it’s a bit later than that, with the range just dropping at Parasol. But what’s so good about it, anyway? Well, for a start: the whole thing is yellow. Alpine Yellow. 

yeti alpine range

Conrad Anker, one of YETI’s mountaineering ambassadors, says that yellow and mountaineering have an intricate connection: “What makes yellow stand out in the mountains is the absence of it.”

Now, people are hyping over YETI’s yellow in the same way that sneakerheads hype over colourways of Dunks and New Balance. 

The YETI Alpine Range includes the set of Rambler mugs and bottles in an assortment of sizes, the Tundra® 45 cooler, the Camino bag, blankets, dry bags and even a dog bowl. 

Head to Parasol to grab some of the newest YETI, and then make sure to join the Reddit community where you can post pictures of your cooler next to your BBQ this summer. 

  • yeti alpine range
  • yeti alpine range

YETI Alpine Range at Parasol

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