YKRA 2015

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“YKRA was born out of our love for the colourful subcultures of the sixties and seventies, and the ruggedness and durability of mountaineering equipment. We designed our products in a classic style, reminiscent of some of our favorite vintage pieces, in eccentric colour palettes and durable natural styled materials, suited especially for very colorful individuals. Our inspirations come from all over: skateboarding to mountain climbing, camping and hiking, sailing to surfing, and everything in between….”

With those words and these images need we tell you any more about this brilliant backpack brand? Well, they make (and sell) all their products lovingly by their own fair hands, in Budapest’s only surf bar (called Telep) which is why they’re guaranteed for life. Their best selling bag is the MATRA Mini, named after the highest “mountain” in Hungary, the Mátra. The brand was launched 3 years ago by Balázs Lakatos, and Juci Balogh and the name YKRA was chosen because they wanted something with four letters, that didn’t have a clear meaning but sounded a bit Japanese.

Buy yourself a bold and beautiful back-pack from Budapest here.

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