YKRA Alpine pack


I’ve only just discovered that YKRA should be pronounced eek-rah in it’s home town of Budapest, rather than why-kay-are-eh, which is how I’ve been pronouncing it even though that sounds more like a scouser whinging at his missus than a cool Hungarian backpack brand. So yeah, they’ve done a new backpack inspired by French alpinist bags from the 1970s that they’ve appropriately called the ALPINE and it’s absolutely bloody terrific. Using colours from the tricolore and made from cotton canvas and leather despite it’s authentic old school appearance, there’s also some additional modern touches added such as polyfoam padded shoulders and an inner laptop sleeve.  There pack also features an extendable inner along with an ice axe and a crampon pad whilst the bottom of the backpack has two handy leather diamonds for extra attachment points.

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