YMC Lightweight Drill Pant

Sometimes, just sometimes, we dream of warmer climes, sun, sand, alcohol served from vessels carved out of exotic fruit, with little umbrellas in. In these idyllic circumstances, when strolling about like some sort of latter day Pablo Picasso in your Arpenteur striped popover shirt, you might need an appropriate pair of kecks to finish up your get up and complete the rouse of being a pseudo-intellectual artisan. Or top ponce. Your choice.

The breeches in mind are the Light Drill Pant from YMC. When on your jollies abroad, or parading around Whitby, if the mercury rises below tepid and shorts are not an option, sometimes jeans can leave you in a right state of discomfort. And if like me, you are neither sophisticated enough to pull off cords nor privileged enough to pull off chinos (read for both: ‘too much of a scruff’) then these lightweight cotton pantaloons could be for you. Massively deep pockets for all your worldly essentials and drawstring waist and cuffs mean that they allude to a degree of relaxation without being trackie bottoms. Nothing against trackie bottoms though, I’m currently wearing them (again, see ‘scruff’).

What you could do, is pair them with those Oi Polloi x Veras Seville Cord espadrilles. Then you’d be ready for some cubism.

Available from YMC and Oi Polloi





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