ZX500 Deconstructed.

The ZX500 has, since 1984 been gracing the terraces, dance floors and pubs of our nation, offering comfort to the paws of their wearers.  Adidas have decided to take this old friend and give it a once-over; with a woven deconstructed look. Seeing as woven trainers are getting the kids hot and bothered at the minute, it seems that no harm can be done. Gone are the ubiquitous three stripes and panelling that is synonymous with the ZX500. Instead, in these woven wonders there are two colourways;  dark green with the type of patterning that would make Zig and Zag go weak at the knees and light in the head and checked blue waves that wouldn’t look out of place on the crew aboard Steve Zissou’s ship the Belafonte in The Life Aquatic.

For me, these are ideal for an all-nighter in a darkened room, with some repetitive beats. You could be excused (and forgiven) for losing yourself in them rather than the tunes. A Size? Exclusive, they went on sale on Friday 25th October.

decon1 decon2 decon3 decon4 decon5 decon6

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