12th Man competition, winners announced!


Just like a (well dressed, vintage 1950s) bus, we don’t have a competition on here for ages then two turn up at once. Anyway, dodgy metaphors aside, this week those suave Bolognans at 12th Man have given us three amazing prizes to be won, all of which are ideal garments for the forthcoming summer months and with each being limited to just 99 pieces its unlikely you’ll bump into anyone else wearing one, always a bonus. So to be in with a chance of winning one of these beautifully coloured, made in Italy tees, polos or sweat-shirts just answer the question below (by commenting) remembering to include your size.

Question. What do you think are the three best things to come out of Italy?

Winners will be revealed in approx 2 weeks.


  1. The sight of the late great Tranmere coach Harry McNally and their greatest ever manager Johnny King pissing in the sink at Pisa Airport ,when we were in the Anglo/Italian cup.

    Gregory Peck on a Vespa

    Bicycle Theives .

  2. nick tomkins

    massimo osti

    paninari (paninaro) look


    size medium 🙂

  3. Massimo Osti jacket designs
    Sicilian red wine
    Marco Tardelli’s goal celebration in World Cup Final in 82

    Large grey sweatshirt please 🙂

  4. Dan Manning

    Slick Haircuts,
    Shiny Parker Coats,
    Ice Cream.

    XL, thanks

  5. Ross Crossley

    Silvio Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga parties.

    Roberto Baggio’s ponytail.

    The whole poncey finger wagging thing at referees.

    Sweatshirt in Medium please.

  6. Well, the three best things that come out of Italy must be Sangiovese Grosso, Federico Fellini and all their funny politicians…

    A sweat-shirt in size L will be fine, thank you 🙂

  7. Alex Bentley

    Del Pierro’s sideburns

    Quotes from Berlusconi – “I am pretty often faithful.”

    The film ‘Salo’

    Size medium please

  8. Bruce Gorrie

    1. ‘ l’Inferno’

    2. ‘ il Purgatorio’

    3. ‘ il Paradiso’

    Size: Dante/dainty (large,actually)

  9. In no order – Alfa Romeo, Penne Al Forno and the legend himself, Massimo Osti.

    Medium Blue Sweat (y)

  10. 1. Sergio Leone.

    2. Gina Lollobrigida.

    3. The greatest Tracksuits of the 20th Century, Fila, Tacchini, Ellesse etc

    XXL or X-L if their roomy.

  11. Jack Taylor

    i) The Paninaro Look – Timeless and perfect
    ii) Italia 90, the last great tournament
    iii) La Capella Sistina

    Size small cheers!

  12. 1 Italian Tailoring
    2 Italo-Western
    3 Mafia

    Polo, size M please

  13. Best three things to come out of Italy:

    1. Silvio Berlusconi’s sex drive

    2. Mario and Luigi

    3. Sophia Loren

    Medium please.


  14. una bicchierii de vino

    e un Paniní

    e felicita

    size m

  15. size m

    me, returning from a weekend in milan



  16. 1.Massimo osti
    2 .Ferrari
    3. AC Milan
    medium please

  17. Tom Crowther

    1. Paulo Di Canio

    2. Massimo Osti

    3. Carbonara

    Size small please!

  18. Daf James

    Del Piero
    Cosa Nostra
    Massimo Osti

    Medium please mate!

  19. Vito Corleone

    Francesco Totti

    The Renaissance


  20. size medium

    1. Italo disco for the sound
    2. Paninaro for the look
    3. A.S. Livorno for the heart

  21. Paolo Di Canio
    La Cosa Nostra

    Large please

  22. 1. Massimo Osti
    2. 12thMan
    3. Italian icescream

    sweatshirt & t-shirt size XL, polo size L.

  23. Ultras – Napoli and Fossa de Leoni

    PX Vespas

    The word Vaffanculo, translated as fuck you

    Medium please.

  24. Easy as A, B, C to me

    Birra Moretti
    Coffee Lavazza

    If I’m lucky enough to win then an XL for me please.

  25. Lasagne

    Massimo Otsi

    Beautiful women

    and Excellent sports cars..

    Size Medium please.

  26. Vespa’s – as vehicles go, they are the epitome of cool.

    Paolo DiCanio – Politically dodgey, yes. A bit of a nutter, yes. But an incredibly gifted footballer and one of those characters who keeps football interesting.

    Insalata Caprese – one of the most simple dishes around, even I can make it. But healthy, light and beautiful. Stylish Italy at its best.



  27. In no particular order:-

    Lambretta SX200



    Sweat XXL

  28. 1. Pasta Alle vongole

    2. Daniela Virgilio

    3. italo disco

  29. dave williams

    best 3 things to come out off italy in my oppinion are

    giorgio armani

    the food

    and the culture

  30. Chris bentley

    Vespa’s, Lambretta’s and Monica Bellucci.

    Size large cheers.

  31. 1, daniele baldelli

    2. Denim wash houses

    3. daniele baldelli

  32. 1. Lambretta Li 160
    2. Espresso
    3. Marco Tardelli goal celebration in the WC Final 1982

    Large sweatshirt please

  33. straight line 2

    1. Spag Bol

    2. Sabrina

    3. SS Lazio

    XL thank you.


    maria grazia cucinotta

    my mums lasagne


    medium sweat please

  35. Scarmorza (best cheese in the world)
    the OG Alfa Spider
    the countless genre b-movies of the 70ies (especially the “giallo”-subgenre)

    X-Large please

  36. 1. Soppressata

    2. The inspiration for Christopher Walken’s “Lying” monologue in True Romance

    3. Christoper Columbus/Amerigo Vespucci, without whom America wouldn’t have begotten Steve McQueen, and we wouldn’t be as awestruck by crew necks.

  37. Ice cream (Gelato).

    “The Leopard” by Giuseppe di Lampedusa.

    Ferrari 250 GTO.


  38. ruccola


    lancia delta hf integrale evo

    size m please.. 😉

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