Seven from SEVEN – Back Print T-Shirts

As we continue this series of sevens, we thought we’d bring you that wardrobe staple, the back print t-shirt. Long gone are the days when a simple chest print would suffice, and now we find ourselves drawn to brands like Arc’teryx, Casablanca and Carhartt WIP due to their propensity to populate the world full of back print tees.

Here’s our selection of seven from SEVEN.

Casablanca Casa Way T-Shirt
Is that a bowl of potatoes? Onions? Who knows and indeed cares, for this is a t-shirt by Casablanca and as such, you know it looks and feels smart.
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Carhartt WIP Fast Food T-Shirt
From onions/spuds to fast food. This is the sort of thing Carhartt do so well atm.
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Gramicci Sticky Frog T-Shirt
You remember those things you used to throw at the wall and they would stick, then slowly tumble down via their adhesive paws. They’re sort of based on this frog. Mad that innit? Also, this is a nice t-shirt.
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Boiler Room Core T-Shirt
Big and bold from Boiler Room, just how we’d want.
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Patta x Converse Gold Standard T-Shirt
Really nice effect on this. Essentially an aqua coloured tee with blood red absorbed from the top. Not actual blood though, we hope.
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Arc’teryx Cormac Arc’Bird T-Shirt
Putting a dead bird on your t-shirt wouldn’t normally be a thing, but Arc’teryx have managed to make that make sense.
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Service Works Wine Spill T-Shirt
Interesting take on a style of t-shirt usually associated with outdoor brands. Service Works takes its inspo from the kitchen, so instead of little drawings of hills or different species of acid frogs or whatever, they’ve gone with wine stains. Very much into it.
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