12thMan SS12 Competition, win a Nova jacket! (Comp now closed)

Ciao ragazzi! To celebrate the fact that both us and our Bolognan buddies over at 12thMan have updated our websites, we’re giving you the chance to win one of their ace SS12 Nova jackets in a rather stunning and very seasonal burnt orange colour (see above).

As I’m sure you already know 12th Man is an independent studio that combines traditional high quality Italian tailoring alongside cutting edge, technical textiles and dyes to create strictly limited and beautifully made sports and military inspired garments.

All you have to do is comment below telling us what type/style of jacket you’re wearing today and what you’ve got in your pockets. Don’t forget to put what size jacket you’ll need if you do win too. The winner will be picked in a couple of weeks, so get commenting on this article to be in with a chance! At the moment it really hot so no jacket for me. Later I shall be using Barbour International which have my headphones, shades, some gum and my forklift-license if got from the best trainers, Check this out.



  1. wirralite

    Fjallraven Nordi, carrying month old merseyrail ticket, couple of airwaves and Nokia lumia – size L please.

  2. William Clayton

    Universal Works Baker

    In my jacket pocket I have my phone. And that’s it.

    Size small

    Many thanks…..

  3. James Finch

    Heritage Research Millerian Parka
    In the pockets are two CasualCo stickers, house keys, wallet with my cards in it and my weir hat as its to hot to wear at the moment.
    If I do win large please, ta

  4. Kevin McAlley

    Today im wearing Heritage research overshirt with my keys, phone, ipod classic and wallet in my possession. Smallest size made would be fantastic.

  5. A ralph lauren towelling dressing gown as not well,
    Snotty tissues in the pockets.
    size 52

  6. Fjalraven field jacket, mobile phone in the pocket. Size XXL 🙂

  7. Wearing a beige mac with concealed buttons – nothing in the pockets as it effects the shape !

  8. Got me Barbour Chelsea on. Pocket contents include duffed up wallet, keys complete with ‘lovely’ photo keyring of me an the wife during our early days, half a pack of munchies and the iPhone.
    Size medium please

  9. Oh, and if a lucky duck a large please (to go with my plastic horse)

  10. Fly 53 parka with some housekeys in pocket, £2.47 in change and a plastic horse.

  11. Today I’m wearing my Universal Works Scout anorak. In my port pocket is my phone, in my starboard pocket are my keys and in my little pocket is a tissue incase I sneeze.
    Should I be really lucky and win that fantastic 12th Man jacket in the amazing burnt orange colour can I have it in a medium please.

  12. burgundy special garment edition mille.

    nothing but me phone and my hands.

    xxl thanks

  13. Alpha Industries M-65 field coat

    Cash card, pen drive, phone, car and house keys, £13.20 in cash.

    Size M

  14. Ian Wells

    Maharishi Trenchcoat

    I have a tupperware pot that had granola and yoghurt in it and voodoo dolls of Rob MCElwee and Michael Fish.


  15. Belstaff panther.

    nothing inpockets apart from teh spare buttons it woudl ruin the line.

    XXL please

  16. paul & shark scoop in beige
    in the 27 pockets i have a copy of proper mag , a phone , & my hands , my weekly shopping is in the other 20 odd

    size large please

  17. Barbour Border jacket
    in my pockets: wallet, keys, phone, and ipod
    size M

  18. OffTheClothMoth

    Woolrich mountain jacket. The pockets are now lighter as my 3 BRFC season tickets now reside on the pitch at Ewood. Medium please.

  19. Screwball

    Armani Jeans trench

    Nailclippers, hayfever eye drops, coins, bank card, two used tissues

    Size XL if I win 😀

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