12thMan SS12 Competition, win a Nova jacket! (Comp now closed)

Ciao ragazzi! To celebrate the fact that both us and our Bolognan buddies over at 12thMan have updated our websites, we’re giving you the chance to win one of their ace SS12 Nova jackets in a rather stunning and very seasonal burnt orange colour (see above).

As I’m sure you already know 12th Man is an independent studio that combines traditional high quality Italian tailoring alongside cutting edge, technical textiles and dyes to create strictly limited and beautifully made sports and military inspired garments.

All you have to do is comment below telling us what type/style of jacket you’re wearing today and what you’ve got in your pockets. Don’t forget to put what size jacket you’ll need if you do win too. The winner will be picked in a couple of weeks, so get commenting on this article to be in with a chance!




  1. Mark
  2. peter davis
  3. Lewys
  4. Nathan
  5. Tony
  6. Fred
  7. Fraser
  8. Chris Marris
  9. Paul
  10. Lionel
  11. Paul
  12. Håvard Nordheim
  13. Craig Wood
  14. ian newell
  15. Chris
  16. Richard
  17. Jos23
  18. cihan alpay
  19. Dipesh Sodha
  20. dave eddy
  21. dave eddy
  22. Alan Gill
  23. christian ( sevlow ) bradbury
  24. alan mcclymont
  25. Nigel Birch
  26. Peter
  27. christian ( sevlow ) bradbury
  28. Paul Robinson
  29. Paul Robinson
  30. James Neilson
  31. Brian
  32. Janne
  33. Martin
  34. Jack Ashley
  35. Axelads
  36. Craig
  37. Dan
  38. Alex Sturrock
  39. Alex Sturrock
  40. Liam Ox
  41. Lee
  42. Fernando
  43. Joacim Sjödahl
  44. Graham
  45. Alex
  46. Daniel
  47. Jimmy S

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