6876 Modern Studies Tour Sweatshirt #3

What can we say about 6876 that we’ve not already said? Well, we’ll try.

There’s nothing about this brand I dislike. The clothes, the website, the history, the aesthetic, the colours, the logos, the name… it’s all good. I even like the fact that me calling it a brand will not sit comfortably with its founder Kenneth Mackenzie.

In a goal-driven world of cynical marketing ploys, homogenisation of the high street and people being generally a bit sad, 6876 continues to be a beacon for all that is good and right about the world.

Their latest release is this Modern Studies Tour Sweatshirt, a very minor departure from what we’ve come to expect from the brand (there I go again) in that the branding (see) is more overt than usual. I like this. I like that there’s a good reason for it. I like the typeface. I like it all.

Did I mention I like it?


Available now from the 6876 website.

Mark Smith

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