7 pairs of shoes to make your week more comfortable

This article was originally going to be titled “Shoes to wear while smoking a pipe”, then we considered “Shoes to wear while pretending to like jazz music”. In the end, the fact we’ve chosen 7 pairs means it’s a nice way to talk about making your week more comfortable. And who wouldn’t want to do that? Especially at the moment.

Yogi Finn Suede Shoe

Arguably THE comfort shoe, Yogi are so serious about your posture, they’ve developed a sole to help it. The fact they look amazing is just a bonus.

Yogi Finn Suede Shoes here

Converse Chuck Taylor

What, no crepe sole and suede or leather? No sir, not this time. During your week you’ll want to do the masked-up shopping run in something pumpy at least once, surely? If so, look no further than this iconic Converse Chuck Taylor. They’re not just for kids tv presenters and school run Mums, you know. Everyone from the birth of what we know as ‘style’ has almost certainly sported these. Now you probably should, too.

Converse at Goodhood

Padmore and Barnes P404 Original Boot

When is a Wallabee not a Wallabee? When it’s a Padmore and Barnes P404 Original Boot, that’s when. Won’t bore you with the background other than to say these are really, really nice.

Padmore and Barnes at End.

Clarks Desert Trek

This is the more serious alternative to the Wallabee in my eyes. If the Wallabee quit school to work on the markets then go travelling for 6 years, the Desert Trek stayed at home getting a very good degree at a half decent university before going on to attain a Masters, all while learning to play a musical instrument you’ve never heard of, or indeed heard.

Clarks at Aphrodite

Pop Trading Company x Camper After

Who can forget the mini-campaign which accompanied the launch of these last year? Bizarrely they still appear to be available at the Pop website and with that in mind we implore you to bag a pair before going on a rampage through a massive game of subbuteo.

Pop Trading Company x Camper here

Astorflex Beenflex

In amongst the choice of this type of shoe, Astorflex have carved out a very credible position. Made in Italy, almost certainly by a great bunch of lads, Astorflex began making clogs and have obviously moved things on significantly since then.

See Astorflex at Yards

Mephisto Rainbow Oregon (White)

Kicking things off, we have to go with perhaps the most obvious choice. Mephisto are the very essence of ugly shoes that make you feel more handsome. They have that slightly weird shape which somehow makes them much more aesthetically pleasing. The fact we’ve chosen these white ones is a nod to all the sitting down in the house we’re doing right now.

Mephisto from Oi Polloi

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