Snow Peak’s Indigo Cotton Parka Takes Centre Stage

With the clocks having jumped an hour this weekend just gone, maybe this week is full of mornings where you need a little time to wake up. Clothing wise, in the morning, we don’t know what to do.

But while the longer daylight hours may now be upon us, the opportunity to wear a nice piece of outerwear remains strong. Of course it’s the time of year to give your wardrobe a shake up, and the person asking you to shake along with them is your better half, who wants to throw away those items you’ve not worn for ages.

But you said “Please Don’t”.

Instead, your biannual climb into the loft sees you finding stuff you bought last summer and forgot you had. You bring it on down and plan to spend your days in the sunshine while wearing it.

Ok, if this article reads a bit weird, apologies, but we’re trying to throw a few Oasis lyrics in for those who like that sort of thing, mainly because this winning piece of outerwear from Snow Peak is made all the more popular by it being worn by the lad from Burnage. Whether you’re a fan of the brothers Gallagher and their music or not, you can’t deny this is an ace jacket. Some might say it’s an early contender for the best of the year so far.

Ok we’ll stop now. We’ve finally found something worth living for.

Get it at Aphrodite.

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Mark Smith

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