Socks Appeal – Six Pairs of Socks to Enhance Your Life

I recently saw a meme featuring a female pulling a face that expressed her absolute, unabashed pleasure, with the words ‘How it feels when you put on a new pair of socks’. I’m not sure she was actually pulling on new hosiery, but the point was made. You can see it here, but maybe don’t open it unless you’re in a safe place.

There are few things that evoke the same feeling as a pair of new socks being put on. Maybe fresh bedsheets? A new haircut? You know that feeling don’t you?

Despite it being a bit warmer than it usually is right now, we thought we’d share some socks with you because we like socks almost as much as we like puns about them. Socks Appeal, lol.

Rototo Argyle Crew Socks Black/Cinnamon
Normally, any mention of Argyle has us reaching for the Plymouth puns, but we’ll not be going there this time. It’s miles away, for a start.
Get yours here

Jelado Salem Socks Black x Red
Sounds a bit like Gelato doesn’t it? Jelado. Does that make these slightly festive-looking socks more appropriate for summer? We say yes.
Get your pair of these here

Anonymous Ism 5 Colour Mix Crew Sock Orange
Still one of our fave brands when it comes to socks. Each season their marly creations demand a purchase.
Get yours here

Roster Sox x Clutch Cafe London Ribbed Socks Burgundy
Collab socks between the good people at Clutch Cafe and the sock connoisseurs at Roster Sox. Just a nice idea really, isn’t it?
Get them here

Chup Socks Suerte Ruby
Japanese socks with a sort of native American feel. Chup sounds like the name of an American kid from a cartoon or something.
Get them here

And Sox Support Pile Long Paisley Navy
These look like something Prince would wear to the gym, if he was still alive.
Get them here

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