A preview of pastel palettes with Lee Jeans

Even though we’re in the grip of a very British heatwave (i.e really uncomfortable but not actually dead hot), some brands are already looking ahead to the days when an extra layer or two of clothing will adorn torsos up and down the land, and a trouser more substantial than some lightweight shorts are required.

Lee Jeans are very much in this camp, which when you think about it, makes a lot of sense, them being a denim brand. Founded back in 1889, they know a thing or two about hard wearing yet infinitely stylish garms and their Fall Preview doesn’t stray from this fundamental aesthetic.

Despite this gear being focused on the Fall, it’s both autumn-appropriate and ready for balmy late summer evenings. The pastel shades see to that.

Present in the range are earth-friendly production processes, organic cotton, sustainable dyes and generally a considered approach to their impact on the planet.

Check it all out here

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