A Treat for Your Feet – Birkenstock at Aphrodite

When there is talk of brands with heritage, few can trace their roots back as far as Birkenstock.

The shoemaking dynasty began with Johannes Birkenstock in 1774, who – with his brother – lived a simple life typical of the time, hand-making shoes from start to finish. Clothing and footwear was built to combat the conditions and it wasn’t unknown for an adult to take the same pair of shoes throughout his life, repairing them as he went. Some would even be handed down for a new life when their owner passed away, so the bond formed with footwear was perhaps understandable.

Many generations later, the Birkenstock name continues to resonate in the footwear industry. Much has changed, but that bond with a well-made, reliable shoe continues.

Popularly known and often copied for models like the Arizona and Boston, Birkenstock are most definitely a summertime staple, providing comfort in a casual way. Socks are optional.

Check out Birkenstock at Aphrodite now.

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