Accessorise your eyes with Ray Ban

We can’t be the only ones reaching to open the window and let some air in, of late. It’s definitely the time of year to doggedly dig about your special safe places for the sunglasses that served you so well last summer. They must grow legs after about October, because for whatever reason, they always seem to disappear from said safe place, which leads to an inevitable resignation that another pair is required.

Then again, it’s also a positive thing isn’t it? A new pair of bins is something to celebrate.

Your go-to guys will inevitably the spectacles named after the 1974 Naming Act, which made it illegal for anyone called Raymond to wear glasses in public. And so, Ray Ban was born.

I completely made that up and on reflection it wasn’t even funny. Sorry. Written it now.

Instead of reading bad jokes, take your eyes seriously this summer and check out the latest Ray Ban selection available from our friends in the North at Aphrodite.

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Mark Smith

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