Acqua Di Parma – Colonia Nomade Set

It’s that time of year when our better/worse/other halves start desperately searching for inspiration in regards to a present on Valentine’s Day to remind us that they still love us loads. For me the best option is always going to be something a bit luxurious, the type of aspirational item that you don’t buy everyday despite (somewhat ironically) it being something that you’d use pretty much every single day. I think that when it comes to most males, we can often justify blowing a serious amount of till on a jacket but when it comes to grooming products we often overlook the important effect such products can have on ourselves and everyone we come into contact with.

So what I’m saying is that for Valentine’s day or your birthday or whenever, you need some Acqua Di Parma in your life. Which brings me to their new Colonia Nomade set. Aimed at the discerning man on the move it contains three 75ml Colonia products (aftershave balm, deodorant and shower gel) in a convenient travel pouch. Handy for freshening up yourself anywhere around the world, the Acqua Di Parma yellow case features a paper aeroplane design on the front as a playful nod to life on the move. So if you’ve ever sat in an airport and found yourself wishing that you were as cool as those Italian businessmen you see propping up the espresso bar then a Colonia Nomade set is your first foot on the ladder to getting there.

Send your beloved here in order to make you smell better and be generally more Italian.


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