adidas Adicolor – Stan Smiths and Superstars

“Are you a red or are you a blue?”

I get asked this a lot and it’s never not annoying. It’s usually taxi drivers in my hometown of Stockport, a place which until relatively recently had its own professional football team. Yet still, the locals follow the more famous clubs from elsewhere.

“Blue but not the blue you mean” I often reply, usually glibly, and sometimes passive aggressively. Depends if I reckon I could ‘have’ the driver if it came on top. It’s a good conversation starter though, to be fair, and most people are followers of United or City.

Someone once asked me “Yeah but who’s your real team”. He’s dead now.

When it comes to red and blue in general terms, I’m torn. It depends what colour bra I’m wearing. Lol. Seriously though, as a 37 year old human man, I doubt I could pull off (or even put on) either of these. They’re too Jess Glynne for me. Yes I know she’s more of a Reebok girl. But you know what I mean.

The Stan Smith and the Superstar are iconic when it comes to adidas. I’ve got pairs of both stored away. And while bright colours may not befit this father of three, the younger crowd are all over this sort of thing this summer. Watch.

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